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Lisbon 2009: From Bust to Boom: New Chances for the Lisbon Strategy

27th March, 2009

The conference of the LCF in cooperation with the Associação Portuguesa de Comunicações (APDC) dealt with the challenges ahead of us in the ongoing crisis. Firstly, we discussed the reasons that led us into this crisis, but, secondly and more importantly, we focused on the structural progress that will get Europe out of it on a sustainable way that does not in itself lay the foundations for another bubble. Every bust includes the way out to a boom and the LCF and the APDC worked toward helping Europe choose exactly this promising way.

The conference started on Friday morning with an Introductory Speech by the President of the LCF, Andreas Pyka, on the challenges for the Lisbon Agenda. Then, we saw four panels dealing with the lessons and the possible cures for the current crisis:
Panel 1: Shaping new Structures for a prosperous European Future - Part I
Panel 2: Shaping new Structures for a prosperous European Future - Part II
Panel 3: Future-oriented Policy designs - Part I
Panel 4: Future-oriented Policy designs - Part II
The conference was closed by an address by the Secretary General of the LCF, Horst Hanusch, on keeping the economy in the Neo-Schumpeterian Corridor.

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