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   |-Barcelona 2011
   |-Hohenheim 2010
   |-Budapest 2010
   |-Lisbon 2009
   |-Budapest 2008
   |-Augsburg 2007
   |-Warsaw 2006
   |-Cascais 2005

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Developing New Innovative Strategies for the Future of Europe!

Barcelona 2011: New Forms of Organization in Knowledge-Based Societies

The 2011 conference in Barcelona tried to answer the question what new forms of organization in knowledge-based socities could look like and what important aspects we will need to consider. Within this broad field, there are many modern structural developments which have to be taken into account such as for example social innovations, non-profit organizations as well as social entrepreneurship.

Hohenheim 2010: Innovation and Finance: A future-oriented Design of Financial Markets

The 2010 conference in Hohenheim organized by the President of the LCf, Prof. Andreas Pyka, dealt with the challenges arising for Europe in order to meet its goals put forward in the 2020 Strategy of the European Commission of raising the region's competitiveness. It focused on the role of the financial sector and ideas for a future-oriented design which will allow it to support promising developments in other realms of the economy.

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The basic idea is to design and communicate a concept for European development which is grounded on three pillars:


This idea is to be spread among the scientific community, among policymakers from all member states and in the media under the label of


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